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ACRAAK&M Rating AgencyNational Rating AgencyRating Agency RAEX (Expert RA)
ACRA national rating scale for the Russian FederationNational Scale (Russia)National scale (Russia)Credit Rating of BankCredit Ratings of Non-financial CompaniesNational Scale (Russia)Reliability RatingReliability Rating of Insurance companies
A++/StableAA+/StableA+ (I)/Positive
A (III)/Stable
ruBBB/StableA+ (III)/Developing
ruA-/StableA+ (II)/Stable
ruBB-/StableA (III)/Stable
A (I)/Stable
AA-/StableruBB+/StableA (III)/Stable
A+ (I)/Stable
A+ (II)/Stable
ruBB+/StableA (II)/Stable
ruBBB-/StableA (I)/Stable
Ratings assigned by rating agencies constitute intellectual property of these agencies and are protected by copyright. Users of the Ratings section have no right to commercial use of information obtained via this service and to any copying or other reproduction of it without the copyright holder’s consent.

Credit rating search allows searching for bond and international bond issuer and issue’s ratings by issuer parameters, rating agency, types of scales and rating range. The section displays up-to-date issuers’ ratings from all rating agencies according to the regional profile. Cbonds credit rating database contains data only on long-term credit ratings of organizations and on debt security issues. The information is updated on a daily basis as it is published by primary sources. The data included in the database is based solely on rating actions performed by international and national rating agencies. Information on rating coverage geography, correspondence of international and national scales and comparison of Cbonds rating scales and rating scales from international agencies is described in details in Cbonds Methodology for maintaining credit rating database.