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SozGorBank (TIN 5029058309, OGRN 1025000000266) — bonds & company profile

company SozGorBank
full company name OJSC CB SOTSGORBANK
type of legal entity Open joint-stock company
country of risk Russia
country of registration Russia
industry Banks
web http://www.socgorbank.ru

Company details

  • TIN
  • KPP (for Russia)
  • OGRN (for Russia)
  • OKPO (for Russia)
  • OGRN date (for Russia)
  • Banking License Number


OUR BUSINESS PRINCIPLES The basic principles governing the business done by our Bank are understanding the key role played by the Client, realizing that the Client's interests and needs must come first, and being conscious of our own responsibilities to society. In the 14 years of its existence on the financial services market, the Bank has strengthened its reputation as a stable, financial institution that possesses potential resources sufficient to its needs, a stable and promising clientele, and the necessary technology for conducting banking operations. Our Bank has long-established business and partner relations with such enterprises and organizations as: FGUP Atomtekhenergo; FGUP Atomenergoremont; OAO Yarenergo; OAO Stroitelnoye upravleniye #801; OAO GAZKOM; DOAO Spetsgazsvtotrans; The "Social Sphere of Russia" Association; OOO Avtotsentr "Nakhimovskiy 32"; OOO Armyanskii Konyak; OOO Mosstroitransgaz OAO "Lesmash" Concern; OOO Tsentroprodukt; OOO Korolevskii Trading House; ZAO Metatr; ZAO Aerotur; The "National Military Fund", an All-Russian Public Philanthropic Fund; OAO Tsentr nyedvizhimosti (Real-Estate Centre) "Inter-regional Investment Company"; NG VUZ The Dashkova Humanities Institute ( Moscow); NG VUZ The Natalia Nesterova New Humanities University. The Bank uses the most advanced technology and offers its Clients the widest possible range of banking services in combination with a client-orientated approach. This latter implies continual constructive dialogue with Clients, attention to their problems, immediate decision-making and informational transparency. The Bank tries to establish long-term partner relationships with each of its clients. For this reason it does market research in order to develop new types of products and services to meet the needs of its clients. The Bank's orientation on high asset liquidity combined with the provision of first-class service has resulted in the formation of a stable client base from among the small and medium-sized businesses that are the most adaptable to market forces in the modern economy. From the moment it began its operations, the Bank has been able to guarantee its clients stability and reliability, and set its knowledge and experience against the uncertainties and risks of the world of commerce. The Bank's priority areas lie in providing services for private individuals, offering credit lines to corporate Clients, making accounts and receipts facilities available to corporate bodies, and working on the Interbank, stock and currency markets. Thanks to its coordinated work and the high level of service it provides its clients, SOTSYALNIY GORODSKOY BANK was awarded the title of "TopService Provider Bank".

Issuer credit rating

Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- foreign currency ***
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- local currency ***
S&P Global Ratings *** Foreign Currency LT ***
S&P Global Ratings *** Local Currency LT ***
S&P Global Ratings *** LT National Scale (Russia) ***
Moody's Interfax Rating Agency *** National Scale (Russia) ***
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Issue Volume, mln Status
SozGorBank, 01 500 RUB redeemed
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