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Kazan (TIN 1655065554, OGRN 1051622218559) — bonds & company profile

company Kazan
full company name Kazan (City)
type of legal entity Subject of Russian Federation
country of risk Russia
country of registration Russia
web http://www.kzn.ru/

Company details

  • TIN
  • KPP (for Russia)
  • OGRN (for Russia)
  • OKPO (for Russia)
  • OGRN date (for Russia)


Kazan is the capital the Republic of Tatarstan – one of the biggest centers of economy, science and culture among the ancient Russian cities. The territory of Kazan City stands at 425 km2 populated by about 1,150,000 people. Kazan is the city with highly advantageous geographical position - from the ancient times was a mediator between East and West, and today plays a great role in political, economic and international relationships. The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan is a large railway, highway and airway knot, the largest port on the Volga River. Kazan is the main economic centre of Tatarstan. 35% of population, employed in economic branches, concentrate in Kazan. 151 large and medium-size companies are situated in the city, including 98 JSC. Main branches of municipal industry are as follows: automotive, chemical and petrochemical, light and food industries. 48,6% of goods produced in Kazan, are sold inside the Republic of Tatarstan, 31% - in the territory of Russia, 20,4% - is exported to the CIS and non-CIS countries.

Issuer credit rating

Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
Fitch Ratings *** LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.) ***
Fitch Ratings *** National Scale (Russia) ***
Fitch Ratings *** LT Int. Scale (local curr.) ***
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Issue Volume, mln Status
Kazan, 34008 2,000 RUB redeemed
Kazan, 34007 2,000 RUB redeemed
Kazan, 34006 2,000 RUB redeemed
Kazan, 34005 1,500 RUB redeemed
Kazan, 34004 3,000 RUB redeemed
Kazan, 31003 2,300 RUB redeemed
Kazan, 31002 1,000 RUB redeemed
Kazan, 31001 1,000 RUB redeemed
Loans Volume, mln Status
Kazan finance department 02, 03.2017 1,000 RUB Заключен договор
Kazan finance department 01, 03.2017 1,000 RUB Заключен договор
Kazan finance department 04, 03.2017 1,500 RUB Заключен договор
Kazan finance department 03, 03.2017 1,300 RUB Заключен договор
Almetyevsky District 01, 04.2015 73 RUB Расторгнут договор
Nizhnekamsky District 01, 04.2015 100 RUB Погашен
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