NORD-CAPITAL (TIN 7714515544, OGRN 1037739891958) — Issuer card

general information

country Russia
web http://www.ncapital.ru/
type of legal entity Limited liability company
industry Financial institutions
TIN 7714515544
pre-LEI / LEI 253400MD24PW2PR1H281
KPP (for Russian companies) 775001001
OGRN (for Russia) 1037739891958
OGRN date (for Russia) 10/03/2003
profile Investment Company NORD-CAPITAL is an investment company established in 2003 for the purposes of private wealth management and underwriting services. Our company is the team of professionals with an impeccable reputation and ten years of working experience in Russian financial market in spheres of asset management and the securities primary placement for sub-federal, municipal and corporate borrowers. Being the professional participant of a securities market NORD-CAPITAL provides its clients with a range of services which include: • Primary bill and bond placement, together with the market-making of issuer’s securities; • Brokerage services; • Asset Management; • REPO operations with wide range of securities; • Project Finance in industrial sector and real estate area. • M & A services.
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