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As of September 1 corporate bond market in Russia stood at RUB 8,476.2 bn, corporate Eurobond market – amounted to USD 135.68 bn — Cbonds

September 07, 2016 | Cbonds

Corporate Bond Market Indices

The Russian corporate bond market volume grew by 0.6% month-on-month as of September 1. In August the total bond issuance amounted to RUB 8,476.18 bn with RUB 2,104.21 bn thereof accounting for bank bonds, RUB 1,875.39 bn raised by oil and gas companies, RUB 1,756.01bn raised by financial institutions, RUB 2,740.57 bn raised by issuers representing other sectors of the Russian economy.

There are now 1,214 bond issues outstanding in the Russian domestic market. They were issued by 387 issuers. In August 20 new issuers tapped the market having raised RUB 113.04 bn in the framework of 22 bond issues.

Securitization and Mortgage-Backed Bond Market Indices

As of September 1 the MBS market volume stood at RUB 614.97 bn, unchanged from the August level. The domestic securitization market stood at RUB 516.32 bn. There was no new issuance in this segment in August.

Municipal Bond Market Indices

There were no new placements in the municipal debt segment in August. As of September 1 the municipal bond market volume stood at RUB 575.72 bn. 42 subjects of the Russian Federation have 115 outstanding bond issues now.

Market Indices for Eurobonds of Russian Issuers

In August there were no new Eurobond issues placed by Russian issuers in the market. The total market segment amounted to USD 183.79 bn, including sovereign debt. This figure included USD 47.658 bn in sovereign Eurobonds, USD 135.678 bn in corporate Eurobonds and USD 454 m in municipal debt.

Government Bond Market Indices

In August there were 8 OFZ auctions held by the Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation worth RUB 92.7 bn. As of September 1 Russia's domestic debt in the form of government bonds totalled RUB 5,866.67 bn amounting to 99.2% of the last month's amount.

According to Cbonds estimates, the total OFZ volume stood at 5,410.33 bn as of September 1 with RUB 2,846 bn accounting for OFZ-PD, RUB 1,567.75bn for OFZ-PK, RUB 788.57 bn for OFZ-AD, and RUB 161.79 bn for OFZ-IN.

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