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Russia Scores 73rd in Budget Spending

January 15, 2008 | www.kommersant.com

Russia scores the 73rd, somewhere between Mauritius and the Republic of South Africa in the ranking of countries that Finance magazine compiled in view of per capita spending of budget.

Russia with its $2,460 per capita spending ranks below Kazakhstan (69th place), Lithuania (47), Latvia (44), Estonia (42) in the Finance ranking of states with the highest budget spending. At the same time, Russia has outpaced Ukraine (76) and Georgia (96).

The leaders of 158 states are Luxembourg, Qatar and Brunei, where as much as $35,280, $27,100 and $24,360 respectively are spent per capita. The three monarchies are followed by Norway, where the spending stands at $21,350.

Of interest is that there are seven kingships and just a single state of big economy amid the top ten states of the ranking. The United States is somewhere in the fourth dozen, between the Emirates and Israel, while Germany ranks No. 17 and Britain enjoys the 15th score. Afghanistan closes the list; there, the annual budget spending averages $70 per capita.

Finance magazine has compiled its ranking based on the budget data of the CIA World Factbook, which information is mostly based on the 2006 indicators specified in the U.S. dollars at the official rate of exchange.


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