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Auriga reaches a commercial agreement with Cbonds

September 10, 2019 | Cbonds

Auriga reaches a commercial agreement with Cbonds, a company with presence in more than 50 countries, pioneer in bond information.

- Through the Cbonds information platform, Auriga will have access to new markets and potential customers

- Auriga is the best alternative to comply with the MiFID II Best Execution requirement, since through its Aurigabonos.es platform, it allows real-time trading in 2,500 public and private bonds, from multiple countries at a binding and transparent market price 

- Aurigabonos.es is connected electronically with up to 10 electronic Fixed Income markets simultaneously, is configured as a key tool for direct access to the Fixed Income market by private and institutional investors 

- Aurigabonos.es was launched in 2013 and since then, Auriga is guaranteeing the Best Execution in Fixed Income thought its exclusive Smart Order Router. Also, since 2016 it has a similar solution for Equity

- Cbonds will obtain from Auriga online trading information about the bonds that are listed on its Aurigabonos.es website. This data will be offered to its subscribers 

- With this agreement, Cbonds can offer a unique service to its subscribers thanks to the absolute differentiation of Auriga compared to other intermediaries.


The investment services company Auriga Global Investors, which is supervised by the Spanish Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), has reached a commercial agreement with the Russian platform Cbonds, with presence in more than 50 countries and with extensive experience as an international supplier of Fixed Income information. This new agreement is beneficial for both parties as it provides Cbonds customers with real-time information on trading prices of the secondary bond market and in turn, gives Auriga access to Cbonds clients from more than 50 countries, to use its online platform Aurigabonos.es

Since its creation in 2001, the Cbonds platform has gained international recognition and currently has a large database. Cbonds offers daily bond prices for 150 stock exchanges and has subscribers (institutional and private investors) from more than 50 countries. Among its main clients are the four large consulting and auditing companies (KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young and Deloitte).

Because of this commercial relationship, Auriga will have access to new markets and Cbonds will be able to offer a unique service to its subscribers, thanks to the absolute differentiation of Auriga, which offers direct connection with electronic fixed income markets, compared to the traditional OTC system offered by the rest of intermediaries.

Auriga has established itself as the only alternative to comply with the Best Execution principle required by the MiFID II regulation. Additionally, Aurigabonos.es has recently doubled the number of electronic Fixed Income markets that it accesses, to be able to send its clients' electronic orders up to a total of 10 venues (markets) where bonds are simultaneously quoted.

Aurigabonos.es allows the direct trading of nearly 2,500 public and private bond issues from multiple countries at market binding prices and with full transparency. In addition, Aurigabonos.es is configured as a key tool for direct access to the most competitive and transparent Fixed Income markets by private and institutional investors.

Since 2013, Auriga has been able to operate under MiFID II through a Smart Order Router tool that guarantees the Best Execution in Fixed Income with real-time and transparent prices that represent savings for its clients. In addition, since 2016 the company has a similar solution for Equity.

The European MiFID II regulation began to be applied in a generalized manner in January 2018, although its transposition was not completed in Spain until the end of that year and its effective entry into force occurred on April 2019. The main objective of this regulation is to increase investor protection, increase transparency and promote greater competition.


About Auriga Global Investors SV

Auriga Global Investors is one of the leading Investment Services companies in the Fixed Income and Equities markets in Spain and is under the supervision of the Spanish Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV). Auriga launched Aurigabonos.es in 2013, the first and only electronic platform for online fixed income contracts in Spain. Aurigabonos.es has the largest Fixed Income offer for the private investor in Spain, with Best Execution, transparency and liquidity. This is the only online platform in Spain that allows trading in almost 2,500 more liquid bonds issued by governments and major companies in the world, with detailed information on issues, real-time quotes and binding purchase and sale prices. All this with a wide geographical and sectoral diversity and with a constant addition of new issues and with terms ranging from 3 months to 100 years. Auriga has a multidisciplinary team, with a recognized professional experience in wealth management, investment services and presence in the main financial markets. The Company is based in Madrid.


About Cbonds

Started in 2001 as a local data provider for corporate bonds in Russia, Cbonds now covers international and domestic bond markets in 170 countries. The scope of data at Cbonds constantly grows and Cbonds is becoming a global provider of fixed income information. Cbonds database gives the detailed information on each bond, including extensive descriptive data, prospectuses, ratings from global rating agencies (Moody’s, S&P, Fitch), bond calculator, analytical tools. The platform provides daily bond pricing from 150 stock exchanges and 150 market makers, cash flow, bond indices. Today Cbonds has subscribers (institutional and private investors) from more than 50 countries all over the world. Also, Cbonds is a conference house and provides lots of professional conferences on related topics.

For more information:

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Pablo Fernández (+34 619 21 25 96)

Nazaret Rodríguez (+34 608 35 35 57)

Press contact Cbonds,


Olga Vinogradova (+ 7 812 336 97 21)

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Company: Cbonds Group

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