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Index group description
Over 10 years the International institute of market and social research GfK Rus has been running monitoring of consumers’ behavior and social attitudes in Russia. The research is based on the all-Russian representative public poll. Sample size is 2200 respondents. The sample is multi-staged, stratified, respondents are randomly chosen at 160 poll points. The sample error is 2.1%.
The poll is run as regularly as once a year (at least).
Currently the survey consists of the following blocks:
• Social-demographic figures
• Consumers’ attitudes
• Social styles
• Consumer behavior in definite markets
• Consumer habits
The 9th wave of the survey contains data gathered in January-July 2011. In the 9th wave we suggest our forecasts for the second half of 2011. In conditions of high uncertainty during the turbulence in the world economy the real situation may change in a pretty different way from the one forecasted based on the previous experience.

Included indices
Consumer Sentiment Index

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