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Domestic bonds: Naphtatrans Plus, BO-02 (4B02-02-00318-R, RU000A100YD8, НафттрнБО2)

StatusCountry of riskMaturity (option)
Amount i
This field shows outstanding face value amount for outstanding bonds
Issue ratings (M/S&P/F)
outstandingRussia**/**/****250,000,000 RUB***/***/***
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Issue information

IssuerNaphtatrans Plus
Bond typeCoupon bonds
Special typeExchange bonds
Form of issueDocumentary bearer bonds
Placement methodOpen subscription
Placement typePublic
Nominal10,000 RUB
Outstanding principal amount10,000 RUB
Amount250,000,000 RUB
Outstanding face value amount250,000,000 RUB
Placement date**/**/****
Maturity date**/**/****
Floating rateYes
Reference rateBank of Russia Key Rate
Coupon RateShow
Coupon Rate
Coupons *-**: CBR Key Rate + *%, but not lower than **% and higher than **%
Current coupon rate13%
Day count fraction***
ACI*** (09/21/2020)
Coupon frequency12 time(s) per year
Start of stock exchange trading**/**/****
Interest accrual date**/**/****
ListingMoscow Exchange, RU000A100YD8 (Third level, 10/14/2019)

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Cbonds Valuation
Indicative bond and international bond quotes by Cbonds are calculated based on the methodology. The end result of the methodology is a single end-of-day Cbonds quote, which is based on bid and ask data of various trading floors and contributors working with this asset.

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Price chart

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Stock exchange and OTC quotes

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T-spread, bp i
T-spread is calculated as the difference between the issue yield and the yield on government securities of the USA, Great Britain and Germany in the corresponding issue currency and with comparable modified duration (the calculations are based on the effective yields only). The value is computed only for issues in USD, EUR, GBP.
MOSCOW EXCHANGE T+09/21/2020 11:57***.**** / ***.**** (* / *)***.**** (**.**)
MOSCOW EXCHANGE T+09/18/2020*** / *** (*** / ***)*** (***)******Archive
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Bond classification

Sinkable bond
Structured product
Mortgage bonds
Foreign bonds
Retail bonds
Supranational bond issues
Green bonds
Non-Marketable Securities


State registration number4B02-02-00318-R
Registration date**/**/****
Issue short name on trading floorНафттрнБО2
TickerNAFTRS F 09/26/24 BO02

Primary placement

Placement formatbook building
Order book**/**/****
Issuer rating on issue date (M/S&P/F)***/***/***
Placement**/**/**** - **/**/****
Initial issue price (yield)***% ( - )
Number of trades on issue date***


Bookrunner: UniService Capital
Underwriter: Accept Bank
Bondholders Representative: Uniline Capital Management

Payment schedule


Coupon dateActual Payment DateRecord dateCoupon, %Coupon payment amount, RUBPool factorRedemption of principal, RUBNotes
Show previous
1**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
2**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
3**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
4**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
5**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
6**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
7**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
8**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
9**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
10**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
11**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
12**/**/******/**/******/**/*********.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
13**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
14**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
15**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
16**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
17**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
18**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
19**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
20**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
21**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
22**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
23**/**/******/**/******/**/*****CBR Key Rate + 6%
24**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
25**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
26**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
27**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
28**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
29**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
30**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
31**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
32**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
33**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
34**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
35**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
36**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
37**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
38**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
39**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
40**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
41**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
42**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
43**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
44**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
45**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
46**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
47**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
48**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
49**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
50**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
51**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.******CBR Key Rate + 6%
52**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
53**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.***CBR Key Rate + 6%
54**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
55**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
56**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
57**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.*******CBR Key Rate + 6%
58**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
59**/**/******/**/******/**/*****.****CBR Key Rate + 6%
60**/**/******/**/******/**/******,***CBR Key Rate + 6%
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RAS reports

year 1 Q 2 Q 3 Q 4 Q
2020 1Q 2Q
2019 - 2Q 3Q 4Q
2018 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q

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Issuer quarterly reports/RAS Reports

year 1 Q 2 Q 3 Q 4 Q
0.64 M nat
1.08 M nat
0.95 M nat
0.65 M nat
5.36 M nat
0.58 M nat
0.92 M nat
0.62 M nat
1.06 M nat

Annual reports

year national english
2.43 M nat
4.16 M nat
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