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The price of data downloads is set individually depending on the volume of information and complexity of requests.


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You are welcome to contact the following Cbonds staff if interested in Cbonds information services:
Data feed department, Client manager
Phone: +7 (812) 3369721 *121,
E-mail: Send email
Head of Datafeed department, Rubtsova Natalia
Phone: +7 (812) 336-97-21, доб. 147,
E-mail: Send email

Cbonds Database

Cbonds Database is a service making Cbonds databases available in a structured form. You can get all information and analytical materials of our website in a form convenient for you: individually structured tables based strictly on the information requested

Our company maintains databases of various market instruments in Russia, CIS, emerging and developed markets. Here, you can find complete information on bonds, syndicated loans, stocks, mutual funds, quotes, as well as indices and financial reporting.

Cbonds provides the most comprehensive and exhaustive analytical and statistical data as compared with similar products in the market. This is evidenced by the growing number of subscribers and positive feedback from financial institutions. While the product is in high demand, we are trying to maintain a comfortable pricing policy for our customers.

Advantages of receiving structured data in Cbonds Database:

  • Customized data selection. Only this service allows you selecting which tables and fields you will receive. For example, you can get a table with cash flow on all issues in a single file, and the same table can contain issue parameters (ISIN, state reg. number, maturity date, previous date trading results etc.) Details.

  • Instruments of your choice. You choose which regions and what instruments will be included in your subscription. For example, if you are only interested in the Eurobonds of Russia and the U.S., you can subscribe to that data only, and not have to pay for other data you don't need. Details.

  • Any data format. You can choose the type of files you receive. For example, it may be an XLS file with preset parameters, which will be sent to your email every morning. Or it could be an XML file that will be posted daily on FTP, and you can use it for downloading into your corporate software products. It is also possible to receive data through a WSDL or JSON web service. Details.

  • Service support. You can always contact our experts with any questions regarding the content of the data, or any accounting or technical questions. Details.

  • Affordable price. The fee depends only on what instruments you get and for which regions. You do not pay for data you don't need. We have a flexible system of discounts, and are willing to find an individual pricing approach for each client. Details.

  • Confidence in completeness and integrity of the data. If you have any doubts about the accuracy of the data or convenience of use, we will provide you with test cases. This will allow a closer look at our databases and the technical side of the work. Details.

Our regular customers include banks, asset management companies in Russia and Europe, investment market players. We are looking forward to working with you!

With this service, we offer a range of customized solutions. Please contact our managers to learn more about them. If necessary, we can also send you the technical documentation or test cases to get a better idea of our product. We will be happy to answer any questions!


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